Nutritious and Healthy Food for Your Pets

Clear Up the Confusion About Animal Nutrition

Feeding your dog may sound easy. However, we at The Downtown Pet Salon in Panama City, FL believe that this relatively simple task can be confusing - if not challenging - because of the wide array of pet food in the market. 

Which product should you buy? What does your dog need? How can you be sure that you are giving your furry friend the right pet food so he remains healthy?

What Your Pet Needs

Experts say your dog requires the right amount of nutrients to prevent obesity and reduce the risk of life-threatening ailments like cancer and heart disease. Just like humans, your pet needs the proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to function normally.

To help customers lessen their confusion regarding dog nutrition, our salon carries different brands of pet food and accessories that your four-legged friend will appreciate. Among our many offerings are the following:

Dog Food


Shampoo Shelf/Skin Problems

Dog Accessories

Keep your pet in good condition and protect them from ailments with the proper nutrition. Rely on our pet salon to provide you with healthy food that your dog needs. 

We accept all payment types for your convenience. To learn more about dog nutrition and the products that we carry, call us today at 850-769-9786.