Dependable Grooming Services for All Dogs

Importance of Regular Grooming

The experts at The Downtown Pet Salon in Panama City, FL know that pet services like regular grooming are important for 2 reasons. First, it keeps your dog clean and makes him nice to look at. Second, it helps detect potential health problems.  

Cleaning your pet can alert you to warning signs that something may be wrong. Changes in the hair, coat, and skin, as well as bumps and lumps in the body, can tell you that all is not well with your dog.

Catch Problems Before They Happen

Our grooming services will not only make your animal friend look good, but will catch problems before they happen. Here’s what needs to be checked:        

Eyes: Your dog’s eyes should be clear, shiny, and moist. Be on the lookout for redness, irritation, or cloudiness.

Ears: These normally have no odor. If they are red, have a lot of dirt, or are inflamed, it could mean trouble. The same goes with bad-smelling ears.

Brushing: This removes dirt, dandruff, and dead hairs. It stimulates oil production in your pet’s fur, making it shiny. Brushing also prevents tangles that can cause pain and infection. It’s a simple way of examining the skin for ticks and fleas.

Nail Trimming: Sharp nails can injure your pets. They can get caught in the carpet, lead to ingrown nails, and worsen arthritis and joint pain in older dogs.

Here at The Downtown Pet Salon, our grooming services include bathing, nail trimming, cleaning of ears, and a haircut. Trust that our experienced staff will handle your dog with care in every session.

For your convenience, we also offer day care and boarding services for your beloved pets. Call us today at 850-769-9786 for further inquiries about our services.